The idea for Hunter’s Comfort blinds was born out of a combination of my experience from working in the insulation business and my love of hunting and the outdoors. I love hunting of all types, but I would have to say that my favorite hunt is for mature whitetail deer. To me, there is nothing more challenging. I have been very blessed throughout my life, not only to have the opportunities to hunt, but to also become a professional guide. I have used all types of blinds, from the homemade ones, to the manufactured ones, and have found myself either freezing in the bitter cold of Wyoming or burning up in the heat of West Texas.

Working in the insulation business, I have experience with all types of insulation and have seen dramatic results using open cell and closed cell foam in attics. A typical attic can reach temperatures of 140 degrees in summer, but when spray foam insulation is applied to an attic the temperature never exceeds 85 to 90 degrees and in the winter it keeps the heat in. Standing in an attic experiencing these steady temperatures sparked an idea for a better hunting blind.

We built the first Rack Shack prototype several years ago. I have been hunting out of them ever since. Our patented process offers a hunter everything he or she could want out of a blind. You will experience total concealment and scent control plus stay warm and dry on those cold miserable days. If you hunt in warmer climates it keeps you cooler by blocking the exterior heat. Because our blinds are fully insulated (top, sides and bottom) they are virtually sound proof allowing you to expose the youngest of children or grandkids to the great tradition of hunting.

Our goal has been to build the best, most durable blind at or around the same price point as the other inferior blinds on the market today. We’ve had hunters tell us that they too have hunted out of every kind of blind you can imagine, and that the Hunter’s Comfort brand is the best they have ever seen. We believe you will feel the same way!

-Todd and Jerranna Cannady

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