“I am Jeff Smith, owner/operator of Seven J Outfitters. I have been guiding for over 20 years. Through this time, I have only seen a few products that I would strongly endorse. One of those is the Rack Shack II. The Rack Shack II has been a great asset to our November Whitetail Rifle season. We will be adding a few more of these structures to use with our clients through the upcoming seasons. The Rack Shack II, is the best built hunting structure we have seen and used.”

Jeff Smith
Seven J Outfitters

“I bought two of the 2-man rack shacks and could not be happier. I could not wait for inclement weather just so I could hunt comfortably and I was not disappointed. I have hunted in the rain, freezing rain, snow, sleet and cold and been extremely comfortable, dry, and warm. The only bad thing I can say about them is that I didn’t have them years ago. They are airtight, waterproof, and virtually soundproof. You can carry on a normal conversation and not be heard a few feet outside the blind. They are quality engineered and built to last making them not just a comfortable environment in which to hunt any game, but as important an investment in your hunting equipment as the weapon you use. They are perfect for introducing a child, spouse or loved one to hunting and will help to keep the sport of hunting alive and well, for if you introduce someone new to hunting and they are uncomfortable, cold or wet, then they may not want to try it again. Sure you can buy one of the plastic blinds, but why hunt from a porta-potty when you can be impervious to the weather and enjoy the day whether you see anything or not. I wholeheartedly recommend and endorse Hunters Comfort and their hunting blinds to anyone that wants to hunt with quality and comfort.”

Wade Baise

“I bought a Hunter’s Comfort two person blind about a year ago. I had 2 deer come within 5 feet of the blind while me and my son were hunting from it. The deer never smelled us and my son killed his first deer out of our Rack Shack II this year. I love my Hunter’s Comfort blind. I would recommend these blinds to anyone, they are great!”

Mike Hill


It was a pleasure to finally get to meet you and I enjoyed making a new friend. We made the trip back home safely and was able to get the blind on the tower base that afternoon. I’m very pleased with the size, style and workmanship and really excited about the season coming up. Thank you so much for the vents; I believe they will be a great benefit for me. I hope to be able to send you a picture of my first deer this season. I appreciate and sincerely thank you for all you and Jerranna have done for us.

God Bless you and family,”

Doug & Kathy Wingler

“Dear Todd,

We can not express the feelings or gratitude for the Blind. It has truly made a difference in being able to allow these disabled youth hunters get in the woods. We again Thank you for the generosity and help given to Huntinthewild, Inc.”

Richard (Jeff) Kinton


Huntinthewild, Inc.


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